Committee Meeting 2016-02-02


February 2nd 2016 (9:30am - 11:30am)
Marina Library - 190 Seaside Ave - Marina, CA 93933

~9:30   Call to Order (9:34am call to order)

  • Introductions (moved to coincide w/ Participant Project updates 9:45am) 
  • Approval of Minutes / Additions to Agenda (Minutes Approved/No changes 10:15am)
    • Transfer of Chair from Matt Price to Gina Schmidt
    • Elections for  Co-chair and Secretary (10:10am)
    • Kate Cassera is now Co-chair
    • Rene Anchieta is now Secretary

9:45     CCJDC Participant Project updates (9:45)

  • Jason Segal- City of Santa Cruz Water Dept
  • Austin Robey – County of Santa Cruz Assessors Office
  • Gabriel Overholt (?)– City of Salinas
  • Anthony Cardoza – City of Salinas
  • Andy Richardson – Caltrans
  • Rex Boyes – City of Watsonville
  • Gabriel Bracamonte Soquel Creek Water Dist
  • Vai Campbell Soquel Creek Water Dist
  • Dave Frisby MBUAPCD
  • Anna Garcia Garcia Monterey Peninsula College
  • Rick Boggs – CSUMB
  • Casey Meusel– PVWMA
  • Gina Schmidt AMBAG
  • Hanna Muegge– Ambag
  • Mike Bello – Retired/Volunteer
  • Matt Price – Santa Cruz County GIS
  • Kate Cassera – County of Santa Cruz DPW
  • Rene Anchieta– County ofSan Benito
  • Mike Grzan - Holliser
  • Eileen Eisner- Streller – Scotts Valley Water Dist.
  • Eric Butler Pictometery
  • Ursula Glick – City of Monterey

Addition to Agenda:

  • Matt Price recognized outstanding work (volunteer) of 2015 CCJDC members
  • Committee recognized Matt Price for his service this past year as Chair

10:05   GIS Council Update

CGIA met December 10, 2015 forming subcommittees. 

  • State published service of parcel data, striving to share this data with others. CA GIS Council contracted with UC Davis, finally published the data. Some cadastral issues, digital land records. Currently have a snapshot of 2-3 years of old data.
  • GISP—certification, now there’s a test, 5-year renewal has been changed to 3-year renewal

10:10    Education and Outreach Committee Report(10:17am)

GIS Day Recap

  • Over 120 people attended 2015 GIS Day
  • Positive survey outcome
  • Comments: add more variety to presentations from different sectors (i.e. agriculture, city planning, etc.)
  • Call for Action: any interest in leadership/help with future Education & Outreach projects?

Plans for Workshops

  1. Make a list of tasks to help with GIS Day 2016
  2. Future Project Ideas:
  • Workshops for non-government agencies, GIS users
  • Training with specific tools/software
  • Getting different agencies together to target a specific tool/skill etc.
  • Mobile Tech would be a desired future workshop
  • Earth Day Event—would be a great opportunity to combine this day with a GIS-related event. 
  • Scheduling / Date / Time: April, not on a Friday (flex days), potentially Thursday or Saturday (following week)?!
  • Call for Action: Send out an email to ask the CCJDC Group when to have the workshop.
    • Mobile Tech in Conjunction with Earth Day and Saving Trees
    • EX: Soquel Creek Mobile App
    • EX: Kate’s Crew Mobile App
  • California Geographical Society will have their next conference at San Jose State University, April 29th-May 1st. More details, CLICK HERE

10:20   CCJDC web page update

  • Austin Added open data portals to the website
  • Keeping all past minutes on the website

10:25   2016 Regional Ortho Imagery Project – Imagery Sub-committee Report(10:41)

  • Number of Participant MOUs sent out:
    • 37 participants currently, 30/37 MOU are in the hands of the agencies (and these should all sign)
    • Call for Action: Show progress with the project online on CCJDC Website.
    • City of San Juan Bautista brought the project to their board and the board denied it.
    • San Benito County has been trying to help and add as much area as they financially can afford to cover.
  • Timeline for acquisition
  • QA/QC Consultant-- GeoSpatial Consulting Services

10:45   Break (10:55am)

11:00   Presentation – Eric Butler, Pictometry  (11:09)

  • Largest orthoimagery provider
  • Innovate the metrics—flying at low altitude, capture of intelligent aerial obliques
  • Ability to pull street signs from oblique imagery
  • Key application for public safety—crime, 911, etc. are the primary users
  • Addressing—they do addressing and building drawings
  • 3D Obliques
  • Panoramic imagery
  • Mobile/Online App—CONNECT Explorer
  • Can create static report of different measurements:
    • Heights, distance, slopes
    • Company provides free training
    • Customer is able to upload his/her own GIS data and store it with Pictometry
  • CONNECT360

11:25   Questions – Networking - General discussion

11:30   Adjourn (11:53)