Committee Meeting 2016-08-23

Meeting Minutes

August 23 2016

Marina Library - 190 Seaside Ave - Marina, CA 93933

~9:30 Call to Order - CCJDC Participant Project updates

  • Casey Meusel, PV Water—Groundwater contour maps, 2016 land-use updates
  • Michael Bello, UC Santa Cruz—Fence lines
  • Laura Penworth, 911—New dispatch system
  • Rex Boyes, Watsonville—ArcServer
  • Matt Price, SCCO—Re-designing web presence, open data portal setup, more graphics
  • Tony Cardoza, City of Salinas—GeoCortex, NPDES, train
  • Matt Levey—Google maps based Jupiter Research Basis, sending Waveglider to the North Pacific, Liquid Robotics, Coral and ArcGIS Server, Mission planning
  • Kate Cassera, SCCO—Finished up traffic control inventory
  • Hanna Muegge, AMBAG—Future growth, Stormwater updates
  • Gina Schmidt, AMBAG—Forecasting
  • Rene Anchieta, San Benito County, Hollister—Mapped out Sunny Slopes system, reconfiguring webGIS system, moving from Silverlight to HTML
  • Mike Grzan, City of Hollister—Street signs updates

10:00 2015 Regional Ortho Imagery Project Update    

  • Gina provided the ortho collection update from Pictometry.  
  • Santa Cruz County has been completed.
  • Still collecting 9inch data for San Benito County.
  • Monterey Peninsula data collection delayed by smoke from nearby wildfires.
  • Data collection for cities along the Salinas Valley have been completed.
  • Highways Corridors collection was completed by July 22nd.
  • An early access link to the ortho data has been created for areas completed.
  • 4 MOU’s are outstanding  - TAMC, Pajaro Valley, Capitola, UCSC
  • Pictometry Online Connect – They also flew orthogonal and will be available for purchase on the participants’ own terms.
  • Draft Data- They will continue to work on them, potential final is December.
  • The QAQC consultant has been unresponsive. If they are unwilling, Gina will have the QAQC go out for RFP again.
  • Matt Price suggested doing the QAQC themselves to reduce cost.
  • Gina Schmidt said another option would be to hire the county.
  • Laura Penworth asked if it was a onetime purchase. Gina responded yes.
  • Tony Cardoza asked what is involved in the QAQC process. Mat Price responded – Look at every tile, look at accuracy of the imagery, comparing adjacent tiles.
  • Laura Penworth asked what the file format would be. Gina  Schmidt – GeoTif for tiles, JPEG 2000 or MrSID for the mosaics.

10:10 Planning for GIS Day 2016 – Wednesday November 16th

  • GIS Day will be at the Marina MPC Campus.
  • Ana Garcia is currently out of the country.
  • She is working on scheduling presenters
  • David Frisbey will be presenting on air quality
  • She is looking for more help for GIS Day and community outreach.
  • Ana wants the word to get out so people pre-register for the event.
  • Kate suggested and volunteered sending out an email to encourage the early signup. 
  • Matt suggested ramping up communication for the event.

10:25 Questions – Items added to agenda – Adjourn

  • A Virtual Reality Google Cardboard Demo was presented. 
  • The app can be downloaded.

10:35 Education

  • Gina asked about workshops for the beginning of the year. What would people be interested in?
  • Barry Nickel is with Elkhorn Slough Education, he runs GIS trainings. We may want to invite him to give a presentation or training. 
  • Sending out a survey, perhaps through Survey Monkey or Google Docs, to get a feel for what types of workshops people are interested in. 
  • Perhaps have ESRI come to this meeting instead of creating another meeting around them.

10:45 - Adjourn