USGS Geospatial Data and Mapping Websites

Geospatial Data and Mapping Websites

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---------------------------  Primary Sources of FREE USGS Geospatial Data ----------------------------

The National Map

U.S. data for Boundaries; Elevation Products (3DEP); Elevation Source Data (3DEP); Hydrography (NHD) and Watersheds (WBD); Orthoimagery; Map Indices; Geographic Names; Land Cover; Structures; and Transportation.  Contours are under “Elevation Products,” lidar point clouds are under “Elevation Source Data,” and Woodland is within “Land Cover.”  Click on “Small-Scale” for Printable U.S. maps, Small-scale U.S. data, and Global Map data * (1:1,000,000 scale).

     The National Map Viewer               

     The National Map Download Client

     The National Map Services            


Data from more than 300 collections that span over 75 years of coverage.  Includes USGS satellite imagery, historical aerial photography, orthoimagery, elevation data, land cover products, digital line graphs, and much more.


A quick search and order tool for aerial photography and satellite data (no orthoimagery).  Less robust than EarthExplorer, but easier to search and more user-friendly.  Landsat, ASTER, EO-1, MODIS, TerraLook, NAPP and NHAP.

------------- Additional FREE Geospatial Data and Resources from USGS & Partners --------------

USGS Science Data Catalog

Metadata and links to all USGS data. Search capabilities are limited for very large datasets.



Full-resolution satellite JPEGs for simple visual interpretation. Not recommended for image analysis.


How to use Landsat Spectral Bands


Water Resources Maps and GIS Data



Streamflow statistics, drainage-basin characteristics, and other information for user-selected sites on streams.


Emergency Response Portal

Datasets for national and international natural disasters.


Interior Geospatial Emergency Management System

Current hazard events. Map Services available.


Mineral Resources On-Line Spatial Data*

Regional and global geology, geochemistry, geophysics, and mineral resource maps and data.


USGS Energy Data Finder*

Geospatial data for U.S. and international energy assessments. Good for base data in international locations.


National Geologic Map Database

Digital maps and GIS data for U.S. locations.


Quaternary Fault and Fold Database

Data for over 2,000 Quaternary faults in the U.S. Download shape files and KML files.


USGS Publications Warehouse*

Links to online publications, including maps.


Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)*


Maps of America’s Submerged Lands

U.S. bathymetry.  Mostly marine, but some lakes included. NOAA is the best source for bathymetry.


Coastal & Marine Interactive Map Server


Astrogeology GIS Lab


USGS Resources for Working with Topographic Maps

A great resource for educators.


The National Map Corps – Citizen Mapping!


Bulk Downloads of USGS Maps & Geospatial Data


------------------------------------- Topographic Map Products  -------------------------------------------

What is a US Topo Map?

·         Produced 2009 to present

·         Computer-generated on a 3-year cycle

·         Individual layers can be turned on and off

·         Includes an orthoimage layer


What is a Historical Topographic Map?

·         7.5-minute maps produced 1947 to 1992

·         Other scales produced beginning 1884

·         Hand-generated

·         High-resolution scans of paper maps


--------------------------- Where to Download Digital Topographic Maps  ------------------------------

U.S. Map Locator

·         US Topo - GeoPDF

·         Historical Topo - GeoPDF

·         All scales of Historical Topo maps

·         Order paper copies


The National Map

·         US Topo - GeoPDF

·         US Topo Map Data and Topo Stylesheet 

o   Shapefile

o   Geodatabase

·         Bulk downloads

·         Historical Topo - GeoPDF

·         All scales of Historical Topo maps



Historical Topo maps only:

·         GeoPDF

·         GeoTIFF

·         KMZ

·         JPEG


HDDS Explorer

US Topo only - GeoTIFF

·         Events Tab: Use Baseline/U.S. Forest Maps

·         Additional Criteria Tab: Select USGS_USFS MAP Emergency_Response_Product

·         Download state, county, etc. by selecting “Predefined Area” in Search Criteria” tab


*Includes international data or information