Committee Meeting 2018-01-23

CCJDC Meeting

01/23/2018 –Marina Library—190 Seaside Ave, Marina CA 93933

9:30 AM          Call to Order & Sign-In
Additions to Agenda
Approval / discussion of minutes for previous meeting

9:35 AM          2017 CCJDC Special Recognition

1.    Austin—Website 2017

2.    Hanna—Secretary 2017

3.    Rene—Co-Chair & Chair 2017

9:45 AM          2018 CCJDC Elections & Vote for 2018 Chair, Co-Chair and Secretary

Ballots to be done secretly and write-ins will be allowed

10:00 AM        2018 Tallied vote results and Executive Board Officers announced

Chair—Hanna Muegge

Co-Chair—Austin Robey

Secretary—Gina Schmidt

Additional Roles:

Website / IT Updates—Rene Anchieta

10:05 AM        2017 Chair cedes to new 2018 Chair

10:15 AM        Individual Member Agency Projects - GIS Updates

Rene Anchieta—San Benito County

·         LUCA—Local Update of Census Addresses

·         Elections Bureau: Updating address locations

·         Cannabis exclusion zone map

Joseph Londono—Cal Trans District 5

·         Part of the Montecito Mudslide GIS assistance crew. Ready to assist the many consultants mapping the impacts of the mudslides

o    Gina—What tools were they using? Google Maps, Google Live, Helicopters

Charles Hanley—City of Salinas, GIS

·         Lots of projects, backlogged

·         Story Maps (lots of requests from numerous Departments)

o    Building road network for City of Salinas (road way centerline, originally not set up for routing)

o    Gina—What type of attributes are you including? Road Class, Width, road condition, right of way, segment length, # lanes… consultant is working on it from Bay Area

o    Still trying to get everything they need out of the consultant

o    Joe—Will you include bike lanes? Goal is to have a final road network where the different layers talk to each other.

Randy Casey—City of Salinas, GIS

·         Lots of projects, map requests, Apps, story maps

·         Every department has an App request these days

·         Using GeoCortex

·         Tree Inventory—use for Maintenance Crew

·         Police Department—ordinance no-camping within 300ft of restaurants/businesses

·         Cannabis Ordinance—state has exclusionary zones 600ft exclusionary zone around schools, parks, youth centers. City expanded on it to 1000ft around houses of faith, certain businesses, etc. Built both ways to show parcels where you can sell vs. parcels where you can’t sell cannabis. Cannabis processing and dispensary.

·         Sat down with Monterey County (Steven Maganeen (sp?))

·         CRM Q-Alert –City is not going with CityWorks. Instead they are using a low-cost operation system. Trying to figure out how to make sure data sets talk to one another efficiently.

Gavin Leavitt—City of Salinas, GIS

·         Digitizing hardcopy data

·         Code enforcement study

·         Trying to build blocks for addresses

Anthony Cardoza—City of Salinas, GIS

·         Acom & ESRI issues

·         ArcPro crashes without having the program open

·         Drone flying for Story Maps

o    Austin—What kind of story maps are you working on?

§  Charles—mostly for maintenance, but City wants to make sleek ways to advertise the work of its departments

Gabriella Langer—Soquel Creek Water District

·         Mainly story maps, issues –lack of customization, videos have been crashing the story maps

Rex Boyes—City of Watsonville

·         CityWorks –just went out for RFP

·         LUCA

·         Have been very underrepresented, there are lots of illegal units which do not properly portray the number of people living in the area

Austin Robey—County of Santa Cruz

·         Big goal for 2018—to redo all Infrastructure

·         Updating servers from 10.6 to Arc Pro 2.1

·         Updating all their Python to the newest script

·         Finishing building footprint updates

·         Re-writing all their flagship applications

·         Decided not to do LUCA. There are severe consequences to submitting inaccurate results to the Census Bureau. Nobody was keen to taking the risk.

·         Emergency response data project

·         Story maps—primarily for Environmental Health Staff. They like showcasing endangered species presence. Unlike City of Salinas GIS Team, Austin has had a good experience using java script for manipulating story maps. Recommended discussing issues with City of Salinas GIS Team.

o    Randy—How are you working around Named User Seats with ArcGIS? Doubled staffing by separating the Online and Desktop platforms. Staff with ArcGIS Online access doesn’t have ArcGIS for Desktop and vice versa, those with ArcGIS for Desktop don’t have ArcGIS Online.

Gina Schmidt—AMBAG

·         Draft 2018 MTP/SCS for future year of 2040 Workshops this month. Currently out for public comment on MTP/SCS & EIR until February 5th.  The final 2018 MTP/SCS for future year of 2040 to be completed and up for Board approval in June.

·         Working on the activity base model, updating it to the person level for trip travel—DMV records, census records, cell phone data—for a particular household to identify what does a work trip look like versus a shopping trip, etc. Helps guide the future out to 2045/2050 for transportation projects/population/jobs.

Hanna Muegge—MBARD

·         CEC Grant –CA Energy Commission Grant for electrification (includes GIS component)

·         Primarily working on grants and environmental reviews

·         Fire District Online Map updates–shoot Randy, Austin an email for acquiring updated shapefiles.

Who will be attending the ESRI Conference—Hanna, Austin, Joe

10:45AM         Break

11:00 AM        Education Outreach Sub-Committee Update
2017 GIS Day recap

Discussion of 2018 Technical Workshop—May or June

·         Potential topics: Story Maps, Addresses and parcel joins

GIS Day November 2018 - Date and Venue discussion

·         2017 GIS Day @ MIIS was a successful event

·         Potential 2018 Location: CSUMB

·         What needs to be organized:

o    Food vendor, prize donations, facilitators, outreach to get presenters, poster presentations, additional live demonstrations

·         Who will be involved:

o    By default—Chair, Co-Chair, and Secretary

o    Education Sub-Committee usually organizes GIS Day but this currently does not exist since everyone previously on this sub-committee is no longer involved with CCJDC

·         2018 THEME?

11:20 AM        Questions-Items Added to Agenda-New Business-Announcements Networking
Pending USGS presentation by Carol—Maybe she can come to the next meeting in March

**Reminder—Rene Anchieta to forward last communication between Carol-Rene to the new Chair**

11:30 AM        Setting of Next Meeting & Adjourn

March 20th or 27th of March