Section 1. Membership

  1. The Committee is composed of representatives from signatory entities whose term of agreement is current. Each signatory agency will designate one member and one alternate to serve on the Committee. Members are authorized, in writing, by their entity's executive to represent their organization in matters related to the mission and objectives of the Committee. Signatory organizations and institutions may be represented by any number of delegates for the purpose of advancing the mission and objectives of the Committee.
  2.  Each signatory agency shall have one (1) vote.

Section 2. Qualifications of Members

  1. Signatory agencies who wish to withdraw from the agreement must obtain authorization for the withdrawal from their policy board; following their Board's authorization for withdrawal, the agency must give other parties to the agreement a written six (6) months notice of the intent to withdraw. Members shall be reinstated with privileges upon renewal of the agreement or reinstatement at the approved recommendation of the Committee.
  2. The Committee is open to membership from any signatory agency. All persons who meet this eligibility requirement, regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, marital status, disability, age, religious or political affiliation or sexual orientation, may become members of the Committee. 
  3. The Committee shall make recommendations for new participants.