Section 1. Commission

The Committee may establish committees and appoint members to serve on such committees as deemed necessary to carry out the purposes of the CCJDC. The Committee shall appoint at least one (1) member from the Committee to serve as advisor for each committee it creates.

Section 2. Standing Sub-Committees

The Committee may have standing committees as it deems necessary.

Section 3. Operations of Sub-Committees

Each sub-committee created by the Committee shall select a chairperson. The sub-committee chair shall be responsible for organizing the affairs of the sub-committee and representing the sub-committee before the CCJDC. Sub-committees shall keep a record of all proceedings and provide a copy to the Secretary. Sub-committees shall meet, discuss, study, and resolve assigned issues as needed to carry out the business of the CCJDC. Sub-committees shall meet at least quarterly, and may be connected with general Committee meetings. If physical presence is infeasible, then written, facsimile, electronic or telephone communications shall substitute for a group meeting. Reports of each sub-committee will be made at each meeting of the full Committee.