Committee Meeting 2015-06-24

9:30 Call to Order (9:35 call to order)

Introductions (Introductions held over to Participant project updates)

Approval of Minutes / Additions to Agenda (Minutes approved – no changes)

CCJDC Mission Statement:

To facilitate the development and maintenance of an ongoing public-private partnership for sharing and expanding the use of spatial data to foster informed community decision making, innovative business development, environmental management and education in the Central Coast region of California.

New Business & Announcements (None)

9:40 CCJDC Participant Project updates

  • Cheryl Basinger - County of Santa Cruz Assessor’s Office
  • Austin Robey - County of Santa Cruz Assessors - Data migration to parcel fabric
  • Jason Segal - City of Santa Cruz Water Engineering  - Tablet Deployment
  • Matt Price – County of Santa Cruz GIS - Mapping for Library Service Areas, NPDES phase II mapping (Second Nature) map all the County Outfall infrastructure.  Blueline NHD layer  Upgrading to 10.3.1
  • Kate Cassera –County of Santa Cruz Public Works -  Lucity GIS tablet deployment for Drainage maintenance and TCDI signs.
  • Bart Kowalski  - Chenega Support Services  Create a model of chaparral community micro climate and how they are distributed over Fort Ord.
  • Chris Calaghan – Middelbury Inst of Int Studies-
  • Gina Schmitt –AMBAG - MS4 mapping, OrthoImagery Project
  • David Frisbey – Update on database Q&A to CRW permit tracking system. Needs help adapting 6 Assessors datasets into one layer.
  • Ana Garcia-Garcia - MPC – Mapping gases within sediments in Elkhorn Slough.  Habitat mapping along the channel in Elkhorn Slough.
  • Jason Adelaars - Central Coast Wetlands Group – Collaborative Efforts to Assess Sea Level Rise Impacts and Evaluate Policy Options for the Monterey Bay Coast –
  • Sierra Ryan-County of Santa cruz water – Mapping water use based on land use and well type
  • Sara Duncan -Central Coast Wetlands Group – Collaborative Efforts to Assess Sea Level Rise Impacts and Evaluate Policy Options for the Monterey Bay Coast
  • Rex Boyes –City of Watsonville - Migrating data into ESRI local government data model.  Implementing City Works asset management.
  • Andy Richardson -CALTRANS– Implementing ArcGIS for Server to make data more accessible.  Linear referencing system and dynamic segmentation project update. NPDES mapping.  Upgrading to 10.3.1
  • Lynn Overtree – Land Trust of Santa Cruz County- Land Trust acquisitions, development department, steward ship management.  Looking to use ArcGIS online and pro to manage data
  • Casey Meusel - PVWMA – 2015 land use survey to use as input for data model.  Improving distribution map.  Using ArcPro 3d capabilities
  • Anthony Cardoza –City of Salinas– Outward facing viewers
  • Randy Casey –City of Salinas– Re-envision all GIS workflows.  Migrate various City databases into geodatabases.  NPDES Mapping.  Installing fiber networks into the City.  Build A GIS from the ground up that is accessible to all departments.
  • Rick Boggs -CSUMB– Consolidating utility infrastructure data.  Integrating CMMS with GIS to push to mobile.  Campus masterplan.
  • Anderew Racz –Schaaf & Wheeler Salinas-- Climate change impact study.
  • Ginger Dykar-Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission – Incorporating sidewalk data into GIS working with Fehr and Peers.  Would like help.

10:00   (10:15) CALGIS Conference Update / GIS Council Update

Largely attended.  County of Santa Clara Fire has hired a GIS analyst and is incorporating new technology for routing vehicles.
Jack Parrish – expert in remote sensing small scale mapping with drone and five lens camera.
ESRI Training for ArcGIS online was well put together and interactive
Census presentation on boundary survey.  LUCA address update project
GIS Council Meeting working on statewide parcel data.  Six counties had contracted to CDData.  State has purchased statewide parcel data versus building the data.  State has purchased imagery all for internal use only.  Forming a working group on UAV for data acquisition to develop policies for GIS data acquisition.

10:05(10:30)    Planning for GIS Day 2015 – Wednesday November 18th

Education and outreach sub-committee report:

Group Introduction:
Chair: Dr. Ana Garcia-Garcia (MPC, UCSC); Twitter
Sophie DeBeukelaer (MBNMS, MPC)
Matt Levey (SeaSpatial Consulting)
Josh Metz (FORA)
Report on GIS-Day Preparation:

  1. Tentative Food/drinks: Hospitality Department, MPC (FASA award Fall 2015 MPC Foundation, other sponsors) 
  2. Reserved Venue: Marina Education Center (MPC satellite). Also reserved MPC main campus as a backup for that day.
  3. Plan for GIS-Day: 9 am to 2:30 pm; Theme: ‘Networking, Mapping, and GIS’

 Possible Speakers:

  • · ESNERR (Charlie, etc.), MLML (Ivano)?/ Katherine (USCS) Confirmed.
  • · CSUMB/Seafloor mapping Lab?
  • · Eric Sandoval-? Society for Conservation GIS
  • · Triton Imaging Inc.?, SeaSpatial (Matt Levey). Confirmed. 2
  • · OrthoImagery Update?
  • · USGS (Nadine, Pete)? Confirmed.
  • · Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and GIS. Sophie. Confirmed
  • · ESRI?-talked to Jan
  • Demo/s: New UAV (Norman Maher, Dr. Gary Greene). Probable. Also a talk as backup (weather)? Ana to confirm permits with MPC
  • -Possible UCSC contact for another AUV demo
  • Possible Posters/Displays: (afternoon): (prizes to best 3)
  • · MPC students-Story Maps (Sophie). Confirmed
  • · Katherine W (USCS), ESNERR (Charlie) and Ana. Confirmed


  • June-July: Link to website with ‘Call for Papers’ and Subcommittee info updated
  • 1st circular: July 2015 sent out to all contacts with ‘Call for Papers’/register (use CCJDC contacts?)
  • 2nd circular: Sept 2015 w/ parking details/schedule
  • 18th Nov. Meeting
  • Need to update CCJDC website with current GIS day subcommittee.
  • Need a web sub-committee.  Matt to put a call out for sub-committee members.  Rick Boggs to help set up a simple webpage with url link to ccjdc website.

10:15 (10:35)   2015 Regional OrthoImagery Project – Imagery Sub-committee Report

GPSC as contract vehicle – not feasible
Initial cost through USGS was approx. $700,000.00
Looking into LARIAC / Pictometry
Sent a scope to Pictometry.  Project will include oblique images for purchase later. 
Project Costs $300,000.00 with no QA/QC may change with technical specifications to meet current standards.
Next steps Shooting for contracts in August 2015 due to no Board/Council meetings in July.

10:30  Break  (10:50)

10:45(11:00) Presentation

Collaborative Efforts to Assess Sea Level Rise Impacts and Evaluate Policy Options for the Monterey Bay Coast

Presenters: Sarah Stoner-Duncan and Jason Adelaars (Central Coast Wetlands Group @ Moss Landing Marine Labs)

Projected climate change induced sea level rise (SLR) through the remainder of this century is expected to have significant impacts to coastal features around the Monterey Bay region. Projections accepted by the State of California predict a rise in sea level between 1 and 5 feet by 2100. These predicted increases will erode sea cliffs in Santa Cruz County and dunes in Monterey County; as well as inundate roads, agricultural land, and structures throughout the region. The Central Coast Wetlands Group - along with partners: Ocean Protection Council, Monterey County, Santa Cruz County, City of Capitola, Center for Ocean Solutions, ESA/PWA and Revell Coastal, Natural Capital Project, and The Nature Conservancy - are part of a collaborative effort to evaluate coastal structures, critical infrastructure, and habitat which can be vulnerable to SLR for time horizons 2030, 2060, and 2100. The Central Coast Wetlands Group is using GIS data provided by regional stakeholders to identify features and areas ‘impacted’ by projected SLR GIS layers modeled by ESA/PWA. Specifically, we’re evaluating impacts caused by tidal inundation, cliff erosion, dune erosion, and storm flooding. The results will help define appropriate response strategies for these risks and allow for discussion with regional partners the programmatic and policy options that can be adopted to address these risks to the region.

11:15 (11:25) – Questions – Networking - General discussion

11:30   - Adjourn

Next meeting to be set in September 2015.