Committee Meeting 2015-09-22

9:30   Call to Order (9:37am)


  • Austin Robey—Assessor’s Office County of SCZ—mainly data cleaning
  • Jason Segal—City of Santa Cruz Water Dept—pump stations, tanks, trying to get a field crew on windows based tablets
  • Randy Casey—City of Salinas--cleaning data for annual report, ESRI user conference, database for engineering team for data input to create shapefiles for sidewalk updates
  • Anthony Cardoza--City of Salinas, trying to tie in web apps and tablet use
  • Gabrielle Overholt -- City of Salinas Public Works, maintaining data, working on road centerlines to become more accurate, sidewalks
  • Rich Westfall—City of SCZ—crimes, web app
  • Renee Anchieta—SBCO—working on creating apps for City of Hollister, working with elections on address issues
  • Mike Grzan—City of Hollister—utility programs for City Works
  • Eileen Eisner-Streller—Scotts Valley Water District—working on getting iPads for field crew
  • Ana Garcia-Garcia—MPC teaches Geology but also involved in GIS courses—will present on GIS day with some of her students
  • Casey Meusel—PVWMA—wells & City of Watsonville
  • Dave Frisbee—Air Pollution District—modeling fires and smoke and impacting the area, system to update permit database, CRW
  • Gina Schmidt—AMBAG—lots of work for the jurisdictions
  • Kate Cassera—Santa Cruz County Public Works – Lucity mobile integration with GIS data to deploy tablets to field crews for County sign inventories.
  • Matt Price—County of SCZ—using sediment for indicator of water quality, stormwater outfall monitoring
  • Hanna Muegge—AMBAG--work for the jurisdictions, creating jurisdiction maps for City of Marina PD, parcel updates for City of Seaside, Creating maps for Code Compliance officer in Carmel, City of Seaside mapping the sewer pipelines using the Engineering
  • Cary Stiebel—Army Corps of Engineers--Fort Ord, setting up ArcServer for the City of PG
  • Holly Lopez—PIE Services--working with Cary Stiebel

New Business & Announcements


To update our CCJDC page Austin has been looking into SquareSpace


10:00   GIS Council Update   (10:11am)

Working on a drone policy recommendations for the State Government.  Using drones to help ag irrigation using multispectral cameras mounted to the drone.  State of CA board of equalization was present at the last meeting.  Provided a URL for a statewide service of City boundaries.

10:05 Planning for GIS Day 2015

Scheduled for Wednesday November 18th

  • Education and outreach sub-committee report        

10:15 2015 Regional Ortho Imagery Project – Imagery Sub-committee Report

  • LARIAC—price point for our regional project
  • Ortho Flight will be done this year by the end of October. The participants who have signed will have their areas flown.
  • Need all the MOUs as soon as possible!!

10:30Break  (10:41)
10:45   Presentation Rich Westfall – City of Santa Cruz using Esri App Builder. (11:00)

  • City of Santa Cruz From Flex to WAB
    • GIS Coordinator—handle graphics, Flex development, coordination of all technical aspects, cartography, ArcGIS Server
    • Planning Staff—id data to serve
    • IT
    • Development Process (6-month from Idea to Live)
    • Free service as long as you don’t use up ESRI credits

11:10 – Questions – Networking - General discussion (11:35)

11:30 (11:45)   - Adjourn