Committee Meeting 2017-01-31

Meeting Minutes

January 31, 2017

Marina Library - 190 Seaside Ave - Marina, CA 93933

~9:15 Call to Order & Sign-In

  • Additions to Agenda
  • Reading of the minutes from previous meeting (read by Jason)
  • 2015 Regional Orthoimagery Project Update
  • 2016 GIS Day Summary

9:20 Special "Thank You" Recognition

  • Kate (CCJDC Chair), Ana Garcia-Garcia (Education & Outreach Chair), Austin (Webdesign Chair)

9:25 am – 2016 CCJDC Elections & Vote

  • 2016 Co-Chair Nominations
    • for Rene
    • for Ana Garcia-Garcia
  • 2017 Chair – Rene Anchieta
  • 2017 Secretary – Hanna Muegge

9:35 am – Individual Member Agency Projects – GIS Updates

  • MBARD — Hanna —Upcoming San Lorenzo Valley GIS Project, VW Grant supportive GIS Maps
  • AMBAG —Gina —Active Transportation, Orthoimagery project
  • County of Santa Cruz Public Works – Kate —Traffic control signs (26,007), deployed tablets with collector app, working on incorporating other areas of asset management (striping, crosswalks, etc.), using existing GIS data for future GIS data and maintenance
  • Jason – here to learn and launch GIS
  • Chikuro – here to network
  • MPC—Ana Garcia-Garcia—teaches Geology, planning to teach GIS later in the year,
  • PV Water--Kasey Mucil—2016 contours, seawater intrusion layers, orthoimagery used to validate 2016 land-use survey,
  • CSUMB Monterey Bay/NASA Research Center– Caroline —maps on drought impact in Central Valley, 1 m imagery to identify young vineyards
  • Monterey County Elections — Chuck — looking at school district boundaries, ballot drop analysis, wants to work on story maps, needs to do traffic analysis on polling stations, new laws to create
  • County of Santa Cruz GIS Dept — Austin — transitioning on phasing out ArcMap, supporting emergency response teams in the county, support other agencies who don’t have GIS staff (Environmental Health Dept, Sheriff Crime Unit, Vector Control Team), updating stream centerline data, getting ready for new orthoimagery project to make updates to building footprints, parcels, streets, etc.
  • City of Watsonville — Rex Boyes — looking at ArcPro, business analyst, people wanted to use RouteSmart Technologies (need to redo routes for trash transport since they’ll be taking their trash to the Marina landfill once theirs shuts down)
  • MRWPCA — Eric — CMMS system, brand new database, now have a vast array of layers and are tying in everything, recently purchased a new Trimble unit
  • CalTrans District 5 (San Luis Obispo) — Joe — interested in ortho update

9:40 am – Regional Orthoimagery Update

  • Resolved QA QC emails issue (emails had been blocked, Gina wasn’t receiving them)
  • Pictometry has reviewed baseline for SBCO and MTCO, has not done for Santa Cruz County
  • Salinas Valley Cities are done besides City of Salinas
  • Santa Cruz County was done by tile (not done yet)
  • CalTrans Corridor is done for Monterey and San Benito Counties
  • Next being shipped is City of Salinas
  • One plane had issues:
    • The inaccuracy was due to a slight difference in timing of its cameras
    • Doesn’t affect anything in Santa Cruz County
    • Supposed to get the issued tiles to Gina by this Friday
    • Affected Area: Carmel, PG, Monterey, DRO, Fort Ord, Seaside, Sand City
  • Everything outside the peninsula was not affected (no smoke, blue skies)
  • Data going to Bill for review Feb 10-22nd
    • Anticipated delivery to project participants: March
    • Agencies have the right to receive the data at the same time Bill does and could review it on their own time/cost

9:55 am – Education Outreach Sub-Committee Update

  • Monica Galligan, Professor at MIIS, booked the location on Campus (no onsite catering service, needs to be arranged)
    • Gina asked Ana if MPC’s food service caters to off-campus events. Ana said yes.
    •  Wednesday November 15th
  • Request for Participants to help with Education Sub-Committee: Caroline, Jason
  • Potential GIS/Mobile Tech Workshop:
    • Online applications, services
    • ArcGIS Pro would be useful to all
    • Anticipated March/April to invite the ESRI Sales Representative to come to our meeting
    • July/August may work as well
  • Ana Garcia-Garcia Conference Insights:
    • Kelly O’Neill from the Nature Conservancy talked to Ana
    • They are working on a project looking into the effects of sea level rise, erosion, etc. along Hwy 1
    • Request for: infrastructure, soil data, habitat going through Elkhorn Slough
  • Next meeting will be end of March, beginning of April depending on when we can get ESRI

10:20 am Motion to Adjourn the Meeting