Committee Meeting 2017-04-25

9:32 am- Meeting called to order by Kate Cassera

9:33 am- Change in the meeting agenda: minutes from the previous meeting and this month’s meeting to be approved next CCJDC meeting in June. Also, adding Community Maps discussion/demo.

9:34 am- Introductions

9:38 am- Project updates/group topics

  • Santa Cruz Co.- Austin provided update of leveraging 2010 LiDAR dataset and project of Cannabis program, recap of survey 123 app
  • Santa Cruz Co. Public Works- Kate Cassera update on migrating to Lucity app. Roads department for bridges/culvert inspection. Tablets into road crews hands.

9:42 am- CCJDC workshop items for June. All day workshop for early June meeting, either June 6th or 13th. Discussion focused on mobile workshop last time, this time maybe online GIS? Specifically, applications, data, GIS software for GIS online. Group agreed that topic of online GIS would be helpful. Email/survey to follow from Kate.

9:55 am- Community Maps (added agenda item). Discussion/demo given by Shane Matthews of ESRI by phone/skype.

  • Living Atlas showcases: base maps, imagery, land elevation/LiDAR/bathymetry, hydrology and stream gauges.
  • It provides more customization to the customers of base data, better loading on mobile devices (caching possible offline)

10:35 am- ESRI 10.5 ArcMap/Desktop/ArcGIS Pro discussion

  • ArcGIS Pro 64-bit application
  • Login with named user
  • ArcGIS server name migrated to now called ArcGIS Enterprise
  • GeoAnalytics Server does processing in Cloud leverages larger regional data merge process, to expedite processing time. Uses user credits.
  • Level 1- name user with view rights only
  • Level2- named user with editor/admin rights
  • ArcGIS Pro Solutions deployment using wizard
  • Arcade = JavaScript light language
  • Chef for ArcGIS Enterprise deployment automation (aka cookbooks on GitHub)
  • ArcGIS Server database enterprise portal, needs ArcGIS Data store and ArcGIS Web Adaptor
  • User credits of 1000 credits= $100
  • Insights for ArcGIS – Spatial Analyst
    • login to Insights
    • Use it as User Interface where it pulls/compiles data from ArcGIS online, Excel, SQL server and is similar to Tableau
    • Named user access with ArcGIS online, online credits required to do internal server analysis
    • Demographic data= premium content which requires using online user credits
  • ArcGIS Enterprise Standard (server):
    • 30 Level 1 named users, 5 Level 2 named users (cost for 4 core is $20k)
    • No extensions included
  • ArcGIS Enterprise Advanced (server):
    • 30 Level 1 named users, 50 Level 2 named users (cost for 4 core is $40k)
    • Free extensions of 3-D Analyst, and Spatial Analyst
  • ArcGIS Pro= multiple project layouts. Newest version is ArcGIS Pro 1.4
  • Add-insfor ArcGIS Pro – Adobe Creative Cloud for doing final map graphics and also, Auto-CAD
  • Training:
  • ArcGIS workflow not supported in Pro for Land Records and Parcel Fabric
  • ArcGIS Pro still uses geodatabase by calling data but can’t save directly. Have to save to my own Portal or ArcGIS online.
  • ArcGIS Pro has Basic, Standard, and Advanced levels same as former ArcMap levels.

1:05 pm- Meeting ended by Kate