Committee Meeting 2017-08-15

Tuesday August 15th, 2017 9:30 – 11:30

Marina Library - 190 Seaside Ave - Marina, CA 93933

~9:30 am Call to Order

  1. Introductions
    • Rene Anchieta, San Benito County
    • Hanna Muegge, MBARD
    • Gina Schmidt, AMBAG
    • Dario Moreno, CalTrans
    • Joseph London, CalTrans
    • Mike Grzan, City of Hollister
    • Marino Hernendez, PVWMA
    • Casey Meusel, PVWMA
    • Gavin Leavilt, City of Salinas
    • Austin Robey, County of Santa Cruz
    • Anthony Cardoza, City of Salinas
    • Victoria McClellan, City of Salinas
    • Randy Casey, City of Salinas
    • Frank Somarriba, ESRI
    • Jackie Scott, ESRI
    • Chuck Cassinelli, MTCO Elections
    • Arlene Guest, NPS
    • Nathan Luedtke, Public
    • Brendan Knapp, MIIS
    • Eric Synsteby, Monterey One Water
    • Steve Flores, City of Salinas
    • Robert Voss, MTCO Health Dept.
  2. Approval of Minutes / Announcements
    • Mike Grzan, City of Hollister — Trash Collector App working with ESRI to ID high priority trash generating areas
    • Dario Moreno, CalTrans (took over for Andy Richards) — getting aerials for updated Monterey, SCZ, San Benito Counties
    • Arlene Guest, NPS—collecting data sets from different agencies on islands, land use, concentrating on the ocean
    • Randy, City of Salinas—large # of projects: GeoCortex for viewing internal layers, parcels, zoning, districts, etc. Numerous web apps for storm water; launched for use in the field with facility maintenance crew; trash monitoring & collection app; launching drone program; open data project (Bloomberg Foundation) for pushing out public data; podcast from City of Salinas
    • Austin, County of Santa Cruz—updating buildings footprint layer, going through new aerials and updating building; updating any other maps that use aerials; re-writing their primary GIS webapp to run on the new ESRI JavaScript; migrated data over to new ESRI portal
    • Casey, PV Water—reviewing the aerial from CCJDC; land-use data to analyze land use data and digitizing ; hydrologic model
    • Gina, AMBAG—kicked off a $1million project for a combined, collective activity based travel demand model, one of the data sets utilized is Monterey County Elections Data (DMV, trip data, cell phone data, travel pattern, freight modeling), the model must be completed by 2019 and kicking off the next long range plan for 2022  adoption.
    • Hanna, MBARD—Webapp for visualizing EV Rebate Program and its value to local economy; updating fire district layers & old inspector maps.
    • Rene, San Benito County GIS—setting up GeoCortex
    • Robert Voss, Monterey County Health Department—travel distance to health facilities
    • Brendan Knapp, MIIS—non-proliferation department mapping of nuclear test sites
    • Announcement: Santa Cruz County will be hiring a new Public Works Department GIS Analyst
  3. Update from Ortho Committee
    • Gina—several corrections needed to be made:
    • Watsonville, PV Water, Santa Cruz County will be receiving corrections. Also Caltrans needed a different zonal projection, so that is in process.

~9:45 am Planning for GIS Day – Volunteers

  • GIS DAY: contact information, Irvine Auditorium is blocked off for the meeting at MIIS
  • Monica Galligan (2 others working on logistics right now)
  • Theme: “ScienceOf Where”
  • Date: Wednesday, November 15th
  • Work includes: calling vendors, securing the facility, scheduling, getting the presenters coordinated
  • Rene will email the group about request for volunteers
  • Food suggestions? Taco Truck—vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan
  • Time? 9am – 2pm

~10:00 am Break

~10:10 am Presentation – ESRI – "A Smart Approach to Managing Infrastructure and Enhancing Citizen Service" - Jackie Scott and Frank Somarriba

  • Jackie Scott—has worked for ESRI for 4 years, focusing on local governments, was in the Air Force for 27 years
  • Frank Somarriba—system engineer at ESRI


 Smart Community—Smart workflows

  • Whole idea is to make a community attractive, a desirable place to live, and making a functional community better
  • Want to provide new, attractive services and retire old, no-longer useful services
  • Smart Communities Struggle to: collaborate across departments, be more data driven, leverage real-time data

Web GIS—Transformational Architecture

  • Opening, Integrating and Simplifying Everything
  • Bringing in data and making connections to your other mission systems
  • Creating shared information and facilitating collaboration

Location Strategy example: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  1. Committed to incorporating a mapping component to their city methodology
  2. Agile Methodology
    1. Model City—City Exec Dashboards, Emergency Response Tools
    2. Configurable Patterns—Cloud, On-Premise, Off-Site
  3. Strategies for Success
    1. ArcGIS is our system of record, system of engagement and system of insight for LOCATION
    2. Three key lessons
      1. Useful info products guide work efforts
      2. Enable employees to make their own maps and synthesize data from multiple sources
      3. Agility—configure first/ customize second


  1. Workforce
    a.    Create projects and assign tasks to field workers
  2. Navigator
  3. Collector
  4. Survey123
  5. Drone2Map
  6. ArcGIS Solutions – developer tool by departments
  7. Q&A—adding domains? Yes, via new Python API

 ~11:20 am Questions/Networking

~11:30 am Adjourn

Next Meeting in OCTOBER