CCJDC Meeting Minutes - Sept 11, 2018


9:38 am Call to Order- Hanna Muegge, 2018 chair

9:40 am Introductions/Agency Project Recap

Hanna Muegge, Monterey Board Air Resources District (MBARD): Scheduling inspections and auditing projects lately. Worked on one map recently, point layer where they showed all air monitors. Continue to work on contracts for grants and outreach events.

Dave Rosenow, GIS Technician for City of Watsonville: Always working on data manipulation and creation.

William Condon, AMBAG GIS Intern: newest member of the agency.

Randy Casey, City of Salinas: Chiefly working on multiple apps for field crews, put out to beta this week for urban forestry crew for maintenance inventory, trees continuously updated and maintained, schedule what trees need to be maintained and pruned, work orders done electronically. Upgrading applications now. Develop new system to maintain/archive video footage in the field, developed in-house. Always working on data management, assisting PD with data management and data migration.

Anthony Cardoza, City of Salinas: Data writing in Python. Primary drone pilot for the City

Gavin Leavitt, City of Salinas Intern: Dashboard for public use for city works projects happening in Salinas through ArcGIS online. Currently seeing if usable for the general public.

Charles Hanley, City of Salinas: Data wrangling, take addressing table and relate to point table, dealing with years of sloppy data entry. Aerials flown in June for imagery, 3 inch 4 band. Getting deliverables in next couple weeks. Commercial Drone pilot licenses obtained for several Salinas employees.

Carolyn Rosevelt, City of Santa Clara: Was with NASA Ames, and beginning August 12 first day as engineering aid for city of Santa Clara.  

Austin Robey, County of Santa Cruz: Major area infrastructure upgrades, migrating all user licenses to ArcMap 10.6.1, looking at redesigning whole geodatabase, in conjunction needs assessment project. Meeting with departments and had them fill out surveys. Migrating to new address model, regional NG911. Recently published new vector basemap, good alternative to imagery if wanted by the user. One of SCCO’s story maps (Steelhead monitoring) won 2 awards, and is featured on ESRI story map page.

Jason Segal, City of Santa Cruz: Created new features implementing survey data and topography. The office is trying to eliminate paperwork for staff. Instead, using Survey 123 to create field apps for inspectors and field workers to use.

Rick Boggs, CSUMB: Migrating data to Enterprise environment, closer look at database design. He has been pulled over to the facilities side recently, which means assessments of workflows.

Gina Schmidt, AMBAG: Working on Regional Travel Demand Model (RTDM). Forecast out 25 years, looking at roads, sustainability, etc. 2040 has been completed and starting on 2045. This is for all jurisdictions (18 cities, 3 counties). Uses TransCAD rather than ESRI software for the RTDM.

Chris Duymich, MBARD: Manages the Woodstove Change-Out program. Also deals with inquiries about smoke, fires, and Air Quality. . At the moment, she is accepting applications from Monterey Bay region residents who want to change-out their wood burning stoves for alternative fuel stoves. The air monitoring staff is getting certified to be drone pilots. Hanna making most of maps for stoves being changed out.

Marino Hernandez, Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency: Hydrology data collection, update land use model twice a year. Working on a couple of Story Maps. Surface water bodies and wastewater recycling. Audience is general public.

Chuck Cassinelli, Monterey County Elections: Working on November election, has to create about 50 maps, using ArcPy to automate the process.

  • Approval/Recap of Minutes

Monterey National Drive Electric Week Event- September  15. Electric cars from Tesla, Chevy etc., music, food, bounce house.

14 responses to survey received for CCJDC input on interested topics / trainings.

10:02 am Planning for GIS Day

  • Venue update- Everything reserved but still need helpers.

  • Theme (Emerging Technology??)

  • Format (Possible Round table/Expert panel addition, Posters, Presentations)

GIS professionals from different jurisdictions round table, Q and A format. Questions we want to ask the panel? Professionals from Santa Cruz, Salinas, and other jurisdictions.

Next week call for presentations begins

  • Call for Volunteers (Commitment term: September to GIS Day November 14th

    1. Poster & Presentation solicitation, Compiling abstract, Setting Presentation Schedule

Chris Duymick: Abstract Shakedown

Austin Robey: Abstract form & compiling abstacts

Hanna Muegge: Presentation schedule

2. Public / Social media outreach

Gina Schmidt: Public/social media outreach, create FTP site for GIS Day

Austin Robey: GIS Day webpage

Hanna Muegge: Posters to Hanna by Nov. 1

3. Prizes & Sponsor solicitation: Sponsor $$ needed for food for GIS Day

Hanna Muegge: Sponsor $

Chris Duymick: Prizes

Matt Twietmeyer: ESRI books for prizes

4. Providing support to venue/CSUMB volunteers/staff

Rick Boggs: Food logistics

Monica Galligan (MIIS, CSUMB) offering extra credit to students who participate

10:18 am Break

10:35 am Presentation–Matthew Twietmeyer (ESRI)

ESRI representatives will be presenting on how ArcMap users can migrate to ArcPro and demonstrating some of ArcPro’s new features.

Training for seasoned ArcMap users: Migrating from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro

Training for new users: ArcGIS Pro: Essential Workflows

MOOC Cartography in ArcGIS Pro, best MOOC so far

Moving to ArcGIS Pro because 64 bit, simplified user interface, combined 2D/3D experience, easier to share maps

Why migrate to Pro? Modern application, great for sharing, 3D GIS, most comprehensive set of geospatial analysis tools

Extensions: Full motion video, image analyst are newest ones this year

Based off Microsoft UI: Resembles a Microsoft product

Terminology has changed:

Working with Projects:

                Project view and pane has become Catalog view and pane

Interaction with selections is more intuitive than ArcMap

Completely customize project template

Favorites: Add database, server and folder connections. Connections saved on a per user basis

Analysis all is within the Analysis tab.

ArcGIS Solutions: Has workflows preset for different applications that can be used as a good starting point

Arcade: New expression language for the ArcGIS Platform

Not meant to replace Python. Lightweight and used for embedded expressions, labeling, rendering, symbol variation, sharing.

Tasks: Sequential steps that guide you through a repeatable workflow

                Used to guide and share knowledge

ArcGIS Pro Roadmap:

Click here to view presentation slides.

11:46 am Questions/Networking:

Geometric networks: Utilities network is an extension in Pro, started with water and moving slowly to other utilities

Parcel fabric management coming early next year

Attribute assistant: not completely there yet. Migration tool.

Migrate mxd’s 10.3 and up at least

Deep learning image analysis: machine learning

Arcade language for labeling and symbol expression, will it dynamically label things? Yes, label will change with data changes.

11:56 am Meeting adjourned by Hanna Muegge