CCJDC Meeting: GIS Day Planning & ArcPro Migration

CCJDC Meeting

GIS Day Planning & ArcPro Migration

CCJDC will meet on Tuesday, September 11th, at the Monterey Air Resources Board to discuss the upcoming GIS Day (Nov. 14th). ESRI representatives will demonstrate some of ArcPro’s new features and present how ArcMap users can migrate to ArcPro. Hope to see you there!


(note venue change)

Tuesday, Sept. 11th, 2018, 9:30am - 11:30am

Monterey Bay Air Resource District

24580 Silver Clout Ct., Monterey, CA 93940


9:30 am Call to Order

  • Any new announcements/ Additions to agenda
  • Introductions / Agency Project Recap
  • Approval/Recap of Minutes

9:45 am Planning for GIS Day

  • Venue update-
  • Theme (Emerging Technology??)
  • Format (Possible Round table/Expert panel addition, Posters, Presentations)
  • Call for Volunteers (Commitment term: September to GIS Day November 14th)
  • Volunteers Needed for the following:
  1. Poster & Presentation solicitation, Compiling abstract, Setting Presentation Schedule
  2. Public / Social media outreach
  3. Prizes & Sponsor solicitation: Sponsor $$ needed for food for GIS Day
  4. Providing support to venue/CSUMB volunteers/staff

10:00 am Break

10:15 am Presentation–ESRI Staff

ESRI representatives will be presenting on how ArcMap users can migrate to ArcPro and demonstrating some of ArcPro’s new features.

11:15 am Questions/Networking

11:30am Adjourn